Role : UI/UX Designer

The problem:

For years payors have been bending to the will of big Pharmacy Benefit Managers, simply because we had no other choice. As a result, the pharmacy benefit has become overly complex, costly and opaque to payors and members alike. With “the Big Guys” in control of our PBMs, we have been forced to “partner” with our biggest competitors, while they maintain the data and equity value of our members.

By continuing this relationship with traditional PBMs, we risk smaller margins, compliance issues, and loss of true transparency not to mention the forfeiture of our data and equity value. This is an incredibly dangerous combination, because while we can offer pharmacy benefits, we don’t have full ownership, accountability and control. Finally, there is a viable solution.

The Solution:

FutureRx allows you to fully take control of your PBM with custom-built tools.

We can guide the user through the entire process, or use decades of experience to manage it for them with PBMaaS. Users are given substantially more control over their PBM from day one with PBM in a Box.