Role : UI/UX Designer

Project : HN Rewards


Users of Herbalife earn rewards point whenever they purchase products through the Herbalife ecosystem but they only tend to accumulate the points and not spend it. Why?

Research/Discovery: It was identified that,

  • there were no gamification techniques in place to better engage users to spend their rewards point
  • On check out, the users didn’t have the ability to use their rewards point to purchase products or aid in the purchase of products
  • Users had no way of tracking their rewards point i.e how much point was earned during purchase and how the points were spent.
  • Users were not notified on points earned during purchase.


  • Build a point tracking system that allows users seamlessly track the points earned and spent
  • Add ‘redeem’ option at checkout to allow customers to easily use their points to purchase items.
  • Set rewards milestones to alert the user whenever they reach a set milestone to encourage them to spend their points.

Lofi Sketch

Herbalife One Bluesky